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Episode 162: Rhinestone Turtles

over 2 years ago

Episode 162: Rhinestone Turtles by Danish and O'Neill

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Episode 161: The Deli Snitch


Episode 161: The Deli Snitch by Danish and O'Neill
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Episode 160: Front Hole


Episode 160: Front Hole by Danish and O'Neill
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Episode 159: The King of the Slappers


Episode 159: The King of the Slappers by Danish and O'Neill
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Episode 158: Ellismania Recap


On this week's show, O'Neill discusses his experience at Jason Ellis' Ellismania in Las Vegas and talks about his fight versus Luigi Gomez. Celebrity callers leave messages for O'Neill. Listen and learn.
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Episode 157: The Bikesturbator


This episode was pre-recorded, so if you're looking for a fight recap, it will be on next week's show. That's not to say that this week's isn't a doozy cause it is. Danish describes the local goings-on around his neighborhood, including a few sightings of the "parrot lady" and an...
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Episode 156: True Blue Beach Pony


This week we dive right back into the animal kingdom for a very special episode. We've got big hairy beavers, an obsessed squirrel, and one true blue beach pony. Also, bet on Ellismania 15 using Betdsi and our promo code: DO101
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Episode 155: Mickey "BTTW" Gall


We got UFC fighter, model, and known Lou Gomez sympathizer, Mickey Gall, into the All Things Comedy studio to talk about both his and O'Neill's upcoming fights. Mickey was forthcoming and discussed many different aspects of MMA and how he prepares for fights. He even gave O'Neill some advice. Wait...
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Episode 154: Comrade Seagal


This episode has a lil' something for the whole family. There's some Steven Seagal talk (he was just given a position by his boy Putin). We talk about weak parents paying tutors to help their kids become better at Fortnite. We also play a bit from the Comedy Store legend...
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Episode 153: The Bell Beefer (w/ John Little)


On this fantastic episode, John J. Little (no relation to Lou J. Gomez) joined us. We talk about all sorts of interesting topics. For instance, O'Neill warns John about drinking out of plastic water bottles. That leads to a discussion of a study that stated plastics can effect the size...
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Episode 152: Bobby "the brain" Dassey


Ground control to Major Tom, it's another episode of the Danish and O'Neill podcast. On this stimulating episode. we discuss our experiences at Skankfest. There's travel talk, and you get to hear what it's like to go to the Shvitz Palace with Ari Shaffir in NY (shout out to Dave...
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