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Episode 246: Lot Lizard

about 13 days ago

Hello, podcast listener, my old friend. We've come to entertain you again. Okay, enough singing. We start the episode by talking about some of the recent comings and goings in the UFC. Are we officially team Connie Mac? LIsten and find out. Ooooooh, the suspense, the agony! We have the age old debate: does Guy Fieri's countless charitable donations make him a good guy, or someone we can root for? O'Neill aims some venom at "rapper" Tekashi69. Meanwhile. Danish gives out a solid hip hop recommendaiton of a group that's out of Buffalo. Shout out to the 716! Staying in the world of hip hop, Uncle/Father Boosie Badazz made some outlandish/bizarre claims on his Instagram and is now feeling the heat. Danish switches gears a little and talks about the book he's reading right now: 2004's Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis. There's also talk of a viral martial arts fight (well, one guy used them). O'Neill shares that he felt bad about some things he said about Beth the Bounty Hunter in the past, but quickly scouring the internet made him feel a lot better about it. Then, we discuss a guy who really had a hankerin' for some wine. And he went about getting it the hard way. Not to be outdone, a guy in Florida tries to really pull one over on the coppers. This one is action-packed, to and fro. Get on it!

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