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Episode 254: The Craziest Walk of O'Neill's Life

over 3 years ago

This one is power-packed. Due to O'Neill experiencing something SO crazy on a walk after we recorded this episode, we decided to take audio from Beach Cops and insert it at the beginning of this episode to fill you all in on what happened. Does it involved P-22? Listen and find out. After that story, we shift gears and start the program as it was recorded (if that makes sense). Danish asks O'Neill if there are people in his neighborhood still making noise to honor the first responders. O'Neill gives the sad answer of how that faded away into the good night. Then, the gents talk about Mike Perry, a UFC fighter who has gone rogue and is apparently now punching old men (no need for an "allegedly" here...there's video) in restaurants. Connie Mac, eat your heart out! After that, we address a couple of covedians in cars getting coffee. Hint, rhymes with Smighter and the Squid. We go into full sweep the leg mode. Even Seagal would say this is a new level of aggression. Can the show get better? OH YEAH. How, you ask? By discussing people who held a Philly dumpster pool party. Hear what friend of the show Eleanor Kerrigan had to say about this hot button issue. After that, we detail one man's crazy Florida crime spree (crazy even for Florida!). We also talk about the Neftlix's Unsolved Mysteries for a little while. We close this powerhouse out with a little Gwyneth Paltrow discussion. It turns out she's a fan of a boobie puzzle. Who knew?

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