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Episode 280: Sauna Shankers

over 3 years ago

O'Neill starts us out by talking about being at a playground with his nieces and seeing a guy lurking with a puppy (and no kids!). We discuss if this move is okay or not. Danish shares a story of a guy mistaking him for someone else. That convo leads the fellas down a dark road, and they discuss an extreme miscarriage of justice with a criminal receiving an extremely light sentence. We have a listener chicken update! An Australian listener of ours wrote in about a neighbor having chickens on her property and then wrote back to give us an update on the situation. One of O'Neill's family members looked into their ancestry, and O'Neill found out something he didn't know about his heritage. Then, it's an epic battle: house boat vs. jet ski! There's trouble on the river!!!! That one happens to be in Australia, too. Wild times down undah. O'Neill is starting the new year off getting back into skateboarding. Sadly, there's more sauna violence/chaos to report. This time, it happened in China. Is no sauna safe?!? Then, it's time for a sad follow-up about a bodybuilder from Kazakhstan who wed his soulmate, a life-like doll (you know what I'm talking about). Well, he broke her, and she's now fighting for her "life". We also talk about problematic neighbors and what happens when you own next to or near one. Then, there's the tale of an octegenarian grandma who's found love with a 36 year old Egyptian man. Don't worry, she went on TV in England to detail their steamy love life. After that, we have a little more cult-talk about the Vow and Seduced documentaries and take care of some other miscellaneous odds and ends. And that wraps this baby up with a nice bow.

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