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Episode 289: Ohlaf Face

over 2 years ago

We start out the episode with a bear update via a listener email (we have a real bearer in our midst!). This is groundbreaking bear news! And a great tidbit you can throw out at your next dinner party (whether it's via Zoom or not). Staying on bears, we talk about the upcoming "cocaine bear" movie. Then, we briefly discuss censorship and all the recent warnings and cancellations. After that, we talk about a dude who got a little naughty with a stuffed animal in a Target. That leads us down many paths and has pondering a bunch of hypotheticals. Then, it's onto a quick update of a story we did a long back, about a doctor who sprinkled some cocaine on his genitals and killed an unsuspecting woman. After that, we have yet another Only Fans couple! The dude in this one is behind the camera, and he's real cocky about his lady and her magnetism. We then segue into some serious LOVE...Fieri family love. Hear Guy's tips for a long marriage and about when and how he started frosting his tips. That leads into a discussion of an article O'Neill found about a woman who takes her emotional support animal to skiing and motorcycle riding. We finish the show with a tale as old as time...a 24 year old running off with his baby mama's mama. And that's all she wrote for this week. Find your perfect mattress at See for privacy information.

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