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Episode 291: The Horse Meat Vigilante

over 3 years ago

O'Neill opens up telling the sad tale of a Russian MMA fighter being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Danish shares a listener email someone sent in that's similar to something we recently spoke about. Danish shares a fun fact about the spring break in Miami situation and then brings up Kylie Jenner (who doesn't love some good KJ talk?!?). Then, there's a long awaited Tommy Morris update! About damn time. What's he been up to? Oh, you know, just living the dream. After that, there's some brief sports current event and MMA talk. Danish details a dream baby Barb had where she accused him of nefarious behavior. That segues perfectly (it actually does) into some quick GSP talk. O'Neill then shares a story about a relative of his listening to the show in front of a friend and the friend's father (oh boy!). After that, we discuss the man, the myth, the legend...a guy who's been dubbed the Bruce Wayne of animals, aka the horse meat vigilante: Richard Cuoto! What a horser! This guy is like the Steven Seagal of the horse lover's world. After all the beautiful animal talk, we then talk about someone up for the parent/liar of the year award. This lady is a GEM! By the way, both this and the horse vigilante are both straight outta Florida, so you know they're power-packed. And that's all there is to this week's show! Sorry for yelling; I just got excited. See for privacy information.

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