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Episode 300: Seagal's Blankie

about 1 year ago

O'Neill starts off the festivities by saying that he's got a flasher in his neighborhood. He's taking to the streets to solve the case. Danish shares a funny text he got from the Daddyman, Earl Skakel. Then, we kick it up a notch by talking about Russia's new ambassador, Stevie boy Seagal, who was sent to Venezuela on a goodwill mission. Sadly, this is NOT a joke. Guy Fieri and the Tiger King both made recent power plays (not hockey related), and the fellas discuss them. A BRAVE woman goes on Tik Tok to confess to something she did 8 years ago, and it's empowering other women to do the same. Speaking of power plays, Nick Diaz is training some new "fighters"! Then, it's on to farm talk because two landowners get in a property dispute, and one takes a drastic measure. After that, we whisk away to Kid Rock's honky tonk bar and grille in Nashville, where one customer did the unthinkable! Also, we cover an elderly woman who's a serial stowaway on flights. And that's the 300th episode, folks! Go to CREDIT KARMA DOT COM SLASH WIN MONEY to sign up for free and start winning Instant Karma See for privacy information.

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