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Episode 311: Nick Beef Cannon

about 1 year ago

This week starts off with a very special PSA from Big Earl Skakel, concerning how to behave if you happen to be lucky enough to get a ticket to one of his shows. He wants the dogs called off (they were never called, but you get it). This leads to a discussion about why D+O listeners yell out "mamamama" and "pew" when Earl is onstage and what he should do about it. Danish excitedly describes a kid he saw, who he thinks may have a bright future (on a particular TLC show). That segues right into the sad loss of a TLC star. Don't worry, they probably already have somebody waiting in the wings. TLC is always prepared and have a deep bench. We congratulate the UFC fighter who called out the living legend Hasbulla after his recent win and then take a quick opportunity to take some shots at Connie Mac (always warranted and fun). Speaking of taking shots, we turn our attention to Nick Cannon, who is never afraid to say/do stupid things. In this case, it's his take on fatherhood that is discussed. Speaking of father of the year candidates, we also discuss Future and his take on being a Dad. Then, it's the ongoing drama from the American Pickers cast. Are you team Wolfe or team Fritz, or team who gives a...? Has Frank gone off the deep end? Who's to blame? You be the judge! Exciting food update! None other than food God Guy Fieri was given the task of coming up with an exciting food item for the big Field of Dreams MLB game. You won't believe what the frosted tip Fieri came up with! We end it with a classic case of a pigeon race getting out of control. Be careful at the pigeon races, folks. Apparently, they can be dangerous! Find your perfect mattress at See for privacy information.

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