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Episode 312: Horse House

over 2 years ago

The show kicks off with some light Stevie Seagal bashing but quickly turns into the topic of making California king bunk beds. After that, we transition into talking about how delusional and desperate Conor McGregor has become, and we highlight some of his latest antics. We also talk about how many different groups of brothers that have become pro fighters and talk about what a big draw it would be if they fought. Then, we discuss a Christian woman who has found the ultimate niche, a religious Only Fans account. Hear all about her holy rollin' approach to being scantily clad. After that, we highlight friend of the show, Brandon Schaub's whiskey. Since he's a comic we respect and look up to, that leads us into talking about how Damon Wayans wants to go up against Dave Chappelle in a Verzuz battle. That gets our wheels turning, and we talk about different comedic match-ups and the overall Verzuz show. We stay in the comedy world and talk about a clip someone sent us of Big Earl saying we used to make comedians cry. We debunk that myth! We also discuss the ceremony that we recently held for Brody Stevens and had some ideas that could spice up tributes to him. Then, there's a complete left turn! A listener sent in an email talking about how a friend had inside knowledge about a story we recently discussed. What is it? Listen to find out. After that, we talk about a horse thief! Hear this unbelievable tale of tom foolery and stupidity. We also detail a video where a man feeds a ton of wild raccoons, and O'Neill tells of the dangers of this sort of behavior. Speaking of dangers, Danish describes a brief snippet he saw on a true crime show that talked about Jeffrey Dahmer. There's some brief true crime podcast talk as well. Then, it's a hot couple, who lives like they're stuck in the 1930's! Who wouldn't want to do that? This show has a little something for everyone so share it with your friends, colleagues, and loved ones. See for privacy information.

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