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Episode 319: All Ghost Dogs Go to Heaven

over 2 years ago

It's a Halloween edition of Danish and O'Neill! Remember, please check candy for razors, foreign objects, and other tom foolery! We start the show with a quick update on a topic from episode 318: Chuck Liddell's arrest. We set the record straight, as Chucky wasn't charged with anything. That leads us right into talking about Connie Mac making headlines again by allegedly assaulting an Italian DJ (one who lives in Italy, not some guy in Long Island or the Jersey Shore). Then, there's a SPOOKY update about friend of the show, John J. Little. Please, send peaceful non-ghost/non-dog attack vibes John's way during this trying time. And also thoughts and prayers to the poor maintenance man at his hotel, too! After that, it's the classic example of a lawyer trying a hilarious Halloween prank (that others didn't find very funny at all). After that, it's the mysterious case of a ninja, who causes chaos during a military training exercise. Can this man be stopped? What does he want? Do you know who he is? What about his family? These questions will make sense if you listen. If they don't, ask a listening buddy for help, and they'll explain it. Then, it's off to the Daddy Man's favorite place, Tik Tok, where a woman details a not-so-nice Halloween trick she was on the receiving end of. Speaking of tricks, another laaaaady, ran onto a football field of minors wearing nothing but a scarf. Hear her defense and see if you side with her. Who knows, maybe you'll be on the jury! You can never be too prepared. This somehow leads into a long riff-athon about what it would be like if Earl "the Daddyman" Skakel went to prison. We end with a quick Dog the "bounty hunter" (that should ALWAYS have to be in know why!) update. This one will fit nicely in your pillowcase or plastic pumpkin full of candy. See for privacy information.

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