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Beach Cops Episode 161: Doll Taser Cockroach

about 10 days ago

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On this action packed episode of Beach Cops, O’Neill threatens DeWitt with an actual real life taser to prevent tickling then Danish pulls up pictures of Prince King Charles’s hot dog fingers. Danish and O’Neill grill DeWitt about how his entire family hangs out with him while he’s on the toilet.

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Episode 342: Little Ponyboy w/John Little


Sadly, this could be the last appearance of John Little on the show. He's leaving Los Angeles. Hear where he'll be next. We try to help him with ideas on different approaches to showbiz and other ventures we think could bring him the big bucks. We share some of our...
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Episode 341: Wrecked 'Em


This week's show kicks off with a much needed update about something we discussed a few shows ago. It's a cautionary tale and must be heard. After that, Danish brings up how Nate Diaz has become the voice of reason in the UFC. He wants other fighters to start behaving...
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Episode 340: DEA-Fished


The show starts with O'Neill talking about some new people he met on his recent comedy trip to Utah. That devolves into talking about arcades, and Aaron shares an off the beaten path arcade game he enjoyed. It then transitions back into ski/comedy trip talk (keep up!). Danish talks about...
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Episode 339: Big ol' Bananas


And we're off to the races on this episode with some quick discussion of the recent passing of Razor Ramon, aka Scott Hall. O'Neill mentions a street performer he saw in his area. Danish discusses a run-in he had with the police. Sound man Aaron says he had a recent...
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Episode 338: Chain Meth


We start this week's show by talking about former UFC fighter Cain Velasquez, who was recently arrested for attempted murder. After that somber MMA news, we shine a light on some positive MMA news by giving a dinosaur update that will surely make Georges St. Pierre a very, very happy...
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Episode 337: Topless (w/ Eleanor Kerrigan)


It's part 2 with Eleanor J. Kerrigan! Eleanor comes out with guns blazing by revealing that she hates wearing shirts. We also come up with a business plan for a red hot new service, Uber Only Fans, and Eleanor wants in! We find out what it's like to get your...
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Episode 336: Eleanor Jr. (w/ Eleanor Kerrigan)


If you guessed Eleanor is on this week's episode, then give yourself a cookie because you're right! Eleanor starts off talking about her great Grandma Eleanor. BREAKING NEWS! Eleanor reveals that she once got her mother on Roseanne Barr's talk show! Hear the story here!!!!! Spoiler: Eleanor's mom was given...
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Episode 335: Monkey Truckers


O'Neill starts it off by talking about grocery store music being piped in through the store speakers. Danish tells a sad tale of something he witnessed at the playground. After that, it's a tale from a church that grossed some people out and angered others. Either way, it's definitely an...
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Episode 334: Bit or S**t (part 2 w/ Earl Skakel)


It's part 2 with special guest Daddy-man Earl Skakel! We find out why Earl gave up the game of golf, despite being a gifted player. He also describes the time he worked out with the former NBA great, Orlando Woolridge. Then, it's finally time to discuss Liberace! About time someone...
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Episode 333: Leather Crotch (w/ Earl Skakel)


It's finally the return of THE one and only Early "the Daddy-man" Skakel! He came prepared with wrestling figures "in case we got bored". He also brought a mask. Earl talks about his leather pants, and a newly clad leather pants wearing comic he's heard rumors about. Earl details how...
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