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Episode 27 - Bacheloretting In A Time Of Covid

over 2 years ago

Rosebud recaps her bachelorette weekend, her first time on a jet ski, Rocketman, what’s so punk rock about getting married, and responds to texts from a listener who’s going through it. Bad Advice for someone cheating with their chiropractor.

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Episode 26 - Mental Suicide


Doris Doomsday is back! This week Rosie talks about mental suicide, her mothers excitement about the wedding, her feelings on Aquarians, and the new cult documentary on HBO Max. Bad Advice for a listener who can’t decide whether or not to pursue a career in comedy. Follow Rosebud: Instagram: @rosebudbakerTwitter...
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Episode 25 - Toxic Positivity


This week Rosebud digs into the mail bag and shares her thoughts on cheering for the healthcare workers, and the idea of “toxic positivity,” the epidemic side effect of this global pandemic. Labeling emotions as good or bad, and having them without becoming them. Bad advice for someone trying to...
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Episode 24 - My Name Is Rosebud, and I’m A Dirty Alcoholic.


It’s another solo episode, and this time, Rosie pours her heart out for all the other degenerates out there. This week she talks about how she got sober, the mind of the alcoholic, the people who love them, and whether or not we can ever completely heal. There’s a lot...
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Episode 23 - Kyle Kinane


This week Rosie welcomes the hilarious Kyle Kinane to the podcast from his bunker in Oregon. They talk about how to attack life with passionate apathy, and how well that’s worked out for Kyle. Kyle has a new album out, “Trampoline In A Ditch” and after this episode you’ll all...
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Episode 21 - Rosebud Solo


Rosebud goes solo for this episode, which is regrettably late- but hopefully worth the wait. She talks about her problems with the new IG challenge, reuniting with her Dad after a year-long rift, and how to get over your parents and on with your life (without cutting them out completely.)...
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Episode 20 - Sarah Tollemache


This week Rosebud welcomes Sarah Tollemache (Comedy Central, VADGE podcast) to the pod to talk about thriving in chaos, changing her album title to keep up with the political climate, and using Covid to your advantage on a personal level. Bad Advice for someone meeting her boyfriends kid for the...
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Episode 19 - Joe Dombrowski


This week Rosebud welcomes standup comic Joe Dombrowski to the podcast to talk about living at his parents house, his newfound interest in taxidermy, lacking a social filter, and the existential dread of every working standup comic (and let’s be honest, every PERSON ON EARTH) waiting for Covid to finally...
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Episode 18 - Alex English


Rosebud welcomes comedian Alex English (National Lampoon, The Rundown with Robin Thede, The Fix with Jimmy Carr) to the podcast to talk about Kanye running for president, and whatever the hell else they want to talk about. I’m writing this before we record, so hopefully those topics get covered. We’ll...
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Episode 17 - Sydnee Washington


This week Rosebud welcomes hilarious standup comic SYDNEE WASHINGTON (Comedy Central, Clusterfest, Unofficial Expert Podcast) to talk about burning down her house, discovering she was hot, and an accidentally casual meth problem. Spoiler alert: she's sober now. We talk about how wedding vows need to change, why women murder their...
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