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Episode 44 - “IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING” w/ Nimesh Patel

over 3 years ago

This week we have one of the funniest comics I know, Nimesh Patel on the podcast to shoot the shit. Sure, it took way too long to actually figure out a time when we could make this work, but who are we to rush the process? We talk about his quitting drinking during the pandemic, switching to weed, and joining the world of citibike. Also, making excel spreadsheets of your workout plans and sending them to people who never asked. Bad Advice for a guy who does “just a gram” of coke everyday in his apartment alone. FOLLOW ROSEBUD: Instagram: Twitter: Patreon: FOLLOW NIMESH: Instagram: Website: Want some BAD ADVICE from Devil’s Advocate? Text Rosebud: See for privacy information.

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