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Episode 23: North Carolina

about 2 days ago

Hola, Segel Heads! In this episode Nick & Brendon call North Carolina to rent some bouncy houses for their dogs and elderly people, then they talk to a barber shop, some boat places to rent a speed boat for them to cheat on their wives on, and a recording studio to record their new favorite song a capella. We have a new favorite tune that you all have to hear. You’re going to laugh so hard you piss yourselves on this one, folks. Also, we ask people if they know who Jason Segel is. THIS IS THE BEST PODCAST ON THE INTERNET. GET WITH IT.

Other Episodes

Episode 22: California


Nick wants to take a vacation in The Golden State of California, so he and Brendon call a surf shop, the Golden Gate Bridge, Disneyland, and some Hollywood agencies. Brendon raps. What else is there to say? This is an episode for the ages!
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Episode 21: Michigan


Better late than never! We call the beautiful state of Michigan in this episode and talk to some hookah places and learn about hookah and Eminem. Then we call some places to get our Nissan Pulsar and Lamborghini Countach customized with secret hatches, ejection seats, and TVs. Finally we call...
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Episode 20: Georgia


In this episode we call the lovely state of Georgia and speak with office furniture places so we can find a new desk for our law firm and give away tickets to Family Feud. These are the most pleasant people we’ve ever spoken with so far! Nick and Brendon...
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Episode 19: Utah


You’re not going to believe it, folks, but we kick off this episode by speaking with President Barack Obama! We chat with him briefly about his civilian life, etc, then play a clip from our MOVIE OF THE WEEK! Lots of banter this week, folks. We talk to our friend...
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Episode 18: Wisconsin


In this episode, Nick & Brendon are looking for some AOL discs so they can get 1500 free minutes of internet which leads them on the path to building a super computer for hacking. We call some computer stores, thrift stores and a coffee shop. I think three people...
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Episode 17: Las Vegas


Folks, we keep our promises, and we promised we would record a podcast at your house if you bought a water bed from our pal Andrew. Brent and Jensen bought a water bed from him, so Brendon & Nick went to Vegas and did a show at the Bunkhouse...
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Episode 16: New York


In this episode, Brendon & Nick kick off the episode by talking to PAUL MCCARTNEY, then we talk about breaking into jail, hand modeling, Moleskins, and other fun stuff. We call a bunch of nice people in the state of NEW YORK and ask them if they know who...
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Episode 15: Kansas


In this episode, Nick & Brendon call the great state of Kansas, where they ask a couple toilet places, an ice cream parlour, and a diner if they know who Jason Segel is. Nick is in Denver at the Comedy Works this weekend, so go see him. Also, come...
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Episode 14: Washington


Happy New Year! We kick off 2018 with a call to some produce places looking for our producers, then Nick starts clipping his fingernails in the middle of the podcast like an animal, which leads us to a NEW DYKWJSI CHALLENGE! We challenge you, the listeners, along with Nick &...
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Episode 13: Christmas


LAST EPISODE OF 2017! We revisit some of the friends we made over the year- Kelsey from the shark store, Jade from the go kart place, Andrew from Waterbeds Today. We start off with a call to the ice cream truck guy and end it with a call to...
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