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EP. 112 - Chris and Karen

4 months ago

Karen and Chris drive around Glendale a little too hyped up on caffeine and see the scariest house ever, plus a million other things happen...I just can't remember right now, so just listen.

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EP. 111 - Chris and his Dad, James Fairbanks (bonus Montana episode)


Listen to Jim Fairbanks. Jim is Chris’ 74 year old father, and he’s not a big fan of old white men these days...even though he is one. (Disclaimer: Karen Kilgariff isn't in the car for this episode...but, Jim does talk about what a big fan he is of her)...
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EP. 110 - Karen and Chris


Karen and Chris talk about it all!!!; Older sister fights! Colin Farrell! Weird pornographic anime cartoons! Condorman vs. Greatest American hero! Making our noses bleed! Theme songs! Colin Farrell again! ...all while driving! Plus, two scary bicycle interactions...w/ Steven Ray Morris making the sound great! The The: Condorman:
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EP. 109 - Karen, Chris, and Jordan Morris!


Karen and Chris start the ride off with one of the funniest, quickest, smartest brains in podcasting, Jordan Morris (Jordan, Jesse, GO!)...w/ Steven Ray Morris on the one's and two's recording! Chris doesn't know what to do with his idle hands!
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EP. 108 Chris and European Karen


After one unsuccessful attempt 24 hours earlier, Chris Fairbanks picks up a changed, internationally traveled Karen Kilgariff up at LAX...right as a a thousand twenty-somethings have landed, to chase their creative dreams in Hollywood (...for 3-4 months till their parent's money dries up, or they get too many $82 parking...
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EP. 107- Karen and Chris - Tuarus Analytica


Karen and Chris discuss symbiotic relationships as they drive around mutually making each other laugh. First Taurus Commercial (1986)
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EP. 106 - Karen And Chris on Easter Sunday


Karen accurately explains the story of Easter to Chris as they drive through beautiful Glendale California
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EP. 105 Karen and Chris


Hey, this is Chris. I had some serious sound issues with this recording, but I doctored it up, because I've become a master sound it's louder and more clear, but I'm a little louder than Karen. So, a fun game to play while listening, could be to imagine yourself...
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EP. 104 Karen and Chris


It's our first episode of 2018! Enjoy!
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EP. 103 Karen and Chris pick up MATT INGEBRETSON


Finally!...Why it's our best episode ever.
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EP. 102 Karen Picks Up Chris at LAX


LAX is actually far from 'lax'. Karen picks up a disoriented, heavily delayed, almost incoherent Chris after finally retrieving his lost bag. (the only lost bag on his flight, btw) Once they get their wits about them, K and C decide to risk their lives on the PCH north to...
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