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EP. 72 April Richardson

over 3 years ago

Hi, this is Chris letting you personally know this is a terrific episode...everyone was on fire comedically, while being very open in talking about death, the "afterlife", and ghosts and aliens. This is the X Files of DYNAR episodes. Our guest is the always terrific, April Richardson. Does anybody read these?

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EP. 71 Karen Kilgariff and Chris Fairbanks


Chris picks up the terrific Karen and they have a great one. This is a good episode. Also, please donate to our good friend Andy Ritchie's Go Fund Me and help him get better. He is one of Chris' early comedy influences and a sweet person.
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EP. 70 Classic Episode: Eddie Pepitone


Karen and Chris were doing stand up shows this week, but they have a terrific new episode planned for release next Monday. For today, revisit, or experience for the first time, this insightful drive from LAX they had with Eddie Pepitone.
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Chris drives comedy legend Todd Barry from LAX to his buddy's house. Karen, sadly, was sick at home. In spite of this, the episode is still pretty damn great. But it was hard to do without her. I also am a terrible driver.
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Karen and Chris pick up the hilarious Barbara Gray and bring her to her comedy show!
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EP. 67 Karen's 17-year-old hilarious niece, Lauren Kulasingam


In today's very special episode, Chris and Karen spend the hour driving around Venice with Karen's 17 yr old niece, Lauren Kulasingam. They discuss her life as a college freshman, she explains Yik Yak and they all try to figure out what she should do with her free time. This...
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Karen and Chris pick up the most delightful, hilarious, sweet and smart legends of stand up comedy, Cathy Ladman before her show at Flappers in Burbank. If you like the art of stand up comedy and hearing some inner workings and fears of a true comic's brain, (one who's done...
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EP. 65 Johnny Pemberton


Karen and Chris pick up the hilarious and talented actor/comedian Johnny Pemberton at his, difficult for them to find, home and record his ride to UCB Theater. GET $25 OFF THESE AMAZING SHEETS! codeword RIDE
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Karen and Chris


Chris picks up Karen at LAX even with Chris driving! He stays calm!
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EP. 63 Brandie Posey


Hey guys! It's co-host of "Do You Need a Ride" Chris Fairbanks. This DYNAR is a terrific episode with the hilarious and quick as a whip Brandy Posey. It's a really fun one. I edited this one by myself, so my apologies if theres a buzz or pop or something...
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Ep.62 Jim Fairbanks


Chris' father Jim Fairbanks is without a doubt his biggest influence as a comedian and human and this episode serves as clear evidence of this. You're about to listen to a great, great episode.
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