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Episode 237 - Derek Waters

about 1 year ago

Derek Waters (Drunk History) talks about growing up in the tire business, being denied a job at circuit city, and renting movies to celebrities at Hollywood Video.

Ticket link to the Wheelan Motors Table read January 12:

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Episode 236 - Jay Larson


Jay Larson (Comedy Central / Twin Peaks) talks about growing up outside Boston making pizza, being kicked out of college a few times, and just deciding to move to LA bc no one believed he would. Check out Jay: Join the Patreon:
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Episode 235 - Beck Bennett


Beck Bennet (SNL/Ducktales/Friend) joins Brooks to talk about all the jobs he had, but the conversation derails into their friendship and being hired at SNL and moving to New York together and what that experience was like from their different perspectives. Check out Beck's new show Hamster and Gretel:
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Episode 234: Chad from Chad Goes Deep


Chad Kroeger (Chad Goes Deep) comes on to talk about his new Netflix show, being a swim instructor, and finding his "thing" in comedy. Check out his podcast: Watch his netflix show! See Brooks on tour:
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Episode 233: JT Parr


JT Parr (star of Netflix's new show Chadd and JT Go Deep) talks about growing up in southern California, being a PA on Nathan for You, and crashing his car he was using to Uber people around Coachella. He also talks about how he met Chad and how their internet...
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Episode 232: Tessie Dong


Tess Dong (artist) is my incredible 88 year old neighbor, but more importantly an amazing artist and gardener. She was kind enough to sit down and talk about her 60+ career in art while talking about immigrating to the United States when she was 14. This is one of my...
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Episode 231: Mitra Jouhari


Mitra Jouhari (Three Busy Debra's/Big Mouth) talks about growing up in Ohio, going to Ohio State, and working for mattress company before comedy started working out. She rules. Check out her show APRIL 24! See for privacy information.
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Episode 230: Barry Rothbart #2


Barry Rothbart (Comedy Central/Wolf of Wall Street) and Brooks discuss their favorite documentaries. See for privacy information.
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Episode 229: Kurt Braunohler #2


Kurt Braunholer (Comedy Central/The Tonight Show) comes back on to talk about camping. Check out Kurt's podcast: See for privacy information.
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Episode 228: Cornell Ried #2


Cornell Ried (Comedy Central/Eric Andre Show) comes on to talk about our top 5 favorite Sunday cartoon strips. Yep that's it. See for privacy information.
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Episode 227 - Whitmer Thomas #2


Whitmer Thomas (HBO/Comedy Central) and brooks talk about being friends. See for privacy information.
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