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Episode 135 - Ron Funches

12 months ago

Ron Funches (Comedy Central/NBC/Trolls) joins Brooks to talk about growing up in Oregon, getting fired from Chuck-E-Cheese for being too quiet, getting promoted to HEAD cashier at Grocery Outlet, working in a cannery, and trying to join the real world by working in a bank call center.

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Episode 134 - Aisha Alfa


Aisha Alfa (Stand up/Actor) talks about being born in Nigeria then growing up in Canada where she played professional soccer, ending up in South Korea playing Gaelic Football, then moving back home to her parents house all before starting stand up.Check out Aisha's new album: your stories in: [email protected]
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Episode 133 - Corey Loykasek


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Episode 131 - Brent Morin


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Episode 130 - Brad and Brett Wheelan (my older brothers)


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Episode 128 - Brandon Wardell


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Episode 127 - Chris Distefano


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Episode 126 - Lucas Neff


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