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Episode 198 - Rick Overton

over 2 years ago

Rick Overton (Johnny Carson/Groundhog Day/Willow) talks about starting comedy in 1970 in New York, doing his first late night set when Joan River's was hosting the Tonight Show, and discussing what it was like to be on shows with Andy Kaufman. Check out Rick's new special: Get the skeleton shit: The mugs are for sale: See for privacy information.

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BONUS EPISODE with Candy Lawrence


Candy Lawrence (the most requested guest to have back on) joins Brooks to discuss how they both handled the pandemic differently, middle names, their favorite 90's movies, and other VERY IMPORTANT STUFF. Follow Candy: Join the patreon for other future bonus episodes: See for privacy information...
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Episode 186 - Christian Duguay


Christian Duguay (MADtv/Arrested Development) talks with Brooks about what it's like to only do one season on a very public tv sketch show. He also talks about moving furniture in Maine, refusing to walk an old lady's dog for money, and then moving to Los Angeles 3 times before finding...
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Episode 185 - Georgia Hardstark


Georgia Hardstark (My Favorite Murder) discusses growing up in Irvine working as a hungover baker at age 15, not being good at selling retail in Hollywood, and bailing on her desk job to make a food show, all before starting one of the most popular podcasts in the world. Check...
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Episode 184 - Gareth Reynolds


Gareth Reynolds (The Dollop/Arrested Development) talks about being a super hero for hire at children’s parties in Hollywood, being a “ballet” in the parking lot of a Comedy Sports in Milwaukee, then being a real valet and feeling like he made it after that. Check out Gareth on tour and...
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Episode 183 - Emily Gordon


Emily Gordon (The Big Sick/The Meltdown) discusses growing up as a goth in the middle of North Carolina, being punished by having to travel with NASCAR for a summer as a teen, serving coffee from a travel cart in a hospital, and being a therapist to a hotel of over...
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Episode 182 - Max Silvestri


Max Silvestri (Big Mouth/The Good Place/Netflix) talks about getting gasoline in his asshole when he was 15 working for his dad, being a tech guy that knew almost nothing, and working at the NYC MoMA for 7 years before bailing and going all in on comedy. Follow and watch Max's...
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Episode 181 - John Gabrus


John Gabrus (Comedy Central/Comedy Bang Bang!) talks everything Long Island. From being a "Mother's Helper" to a Jones Beach lifeguard, he was the king of the island. He also bartended while taking classes and getting involved at UCB while being a production assistant on "I Love the 90s." John did...
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Episode 180 - Andre Hyland


Andre Hyland (Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping/Jesse Miller Talk Show) discusses growing up in southern Ohio with Dyslexia, being kicked out of three elementary schools, getting an SNL audition by just visiting New York once, and having two public access shows. Check out Andre's stuff: Check out Jesse Miller...
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Episode 179 - Nate Bargatze


Nate Bargatze (Netflix/Comedy Central) talks about losing dogs he was suppose to watch at a Nashville theme park, being the kid people hit golf balls at on the driving range, being in a drive by shooting while delivering appliances, and a ton of other fun jobs before he made it...
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Episode 178 - Joe Kwaczala


Joe Kwaczala (Comedy Central Half Hour) talks about going to Notre Dame where he got do a literal comedy college semester at Second City in Chicago. He also discusses the perks of working as a Pittsburgh parking attendant, how easy it was to trick his office workers into thinking he...
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