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Episode #135: Ben Gleib, comedian, activist, game show host, CRUSHES this episode of Fairly Normal

about 3 hours ago

On this episode, Josh talks with comedian, activist and game show host, Ben Gleib and they tackle just about every topic you can think of. From Ben deciding to run for President to why he has an extra large pee hole this episode has a little bit of everything.

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Episode # 134: A new song, stop blaming victims, thinking about ditching the hat and more


On this episode, I play a new song that I wrote, talk about how we have to stop blaming victims, discuss the idea of not wearing hats anymore and more, more, more. Check it out!
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Episode #133: You asked for it, you got it. A podcast episode of the "High Live!" Enjoy!


This episode is me doing my "High Live" from the backyard. A TON of people have been asking me to upload these so they could listen at work. Ask and you shall receive. Enjoy!
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Episode #132: Fuck big business, stop breaking promises to yourself, pet peeves and more


On this episode, Josh talks about how big businesses nickel and dime us to make their billions, why breaking promises to yourself is such a bad idea, this week's pet peeve and a ton more!
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Ep #131: Kat Timpf, from Fox News & the Greg Gutfeld Show, joins me for a great conversation.


On this episode, the very funny, very smart, Kat Timpf joins me for an amazing conversation. We talk about where she grew up, starting her career as a stand-up comic, what it's like to be a true libertarian and how she handles both sides attacking her. Don't miss this one...
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Episode #130: Battling personal demons, relax everybody, pet peeves and more!


On this episode, Josh gets into battling personal demons and the reason he stepped away for a few weeks. He also talks about Barstool Sports vs ESPN, when a joke is just a joke, pet peeves and a bunch more!
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Episode #129: A quick, personal Fairly Normal. We will miss you, Ralphie May


A quick, very personal episode of Fairly Normal. We will miss you Ralphie May.
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#128: Adam Ray is so damn funny.I apologize for skipping a week but it was worth the wait. Trust me.


On this episode, it's a "Good Call" reunion and Adam Ray is so damn funny. This episode hits runs the gamut from incredibly ridiculous to hearing about what made Adam start comedy. Do not miss this one. I promise, it's a gooooooooood one.
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#127: Watching the Pats game at a Chiefs bar, the new house, an "interaction" at the bank and more!


On this episode, Josh talks about watching the Patriots game at a Chiefs bar, news about the new house, a crazy interaction at the bank and a ton more!
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Episode #126: Boomer and The Old Man from his new apartment. A great conversation w/ my little buddy


On this episode, Boomer and The Old Man have a great conversation about his new life, how it feels for us to be moving out of the house he grew up in, he tells me about how badly he was bullied (I HAD NO IDEA! My blood is still boiling)...
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Ep 125: Comedian, Chris Franjola and I talk about our trip to Guantanamo Bay plus a ton of stories!


My friend, comedian, Chris Franjola joins me and we talk about our trip to Guantanamo Bay, what it's like getting older in Hollywood, a bunch of Chelsea Lately stuff and a ton more!
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