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#150: Why my 1st TV deal failed, self-hate is a mutha, my viral video and more

1 day ago

On this episode, Josh talks about why his first TV deal failed, how he copes with self hate and sabotage, his viral video and some fan comments about it and a ton more!

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#149: Fresh off of our sparring match, my son, Jacob joins me for a recap of our fight and more!


On this episode, Josh and his son, Jacob, talk about their sparring match, what it's like for Josh to see Jacob turn 21, how Jacob thought he would handle living on his own vs how he is actually doing and a ton more! Always a good time with Boomer and...
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#148: Nascar driver and brain cancer survivor, Matt Tifft, joins me. Amazing story. So informative.


On this episode, Nascar driver and brain cancer survivor, Matt Tifft, joins me for one of my favorite interviews ever. I learned so much from this conversation, it could have gone another hour easy! FOR SURE, check this one out. Doesn't matter if you're a Nascar fan or not. So...
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Episode #147: When the Woke Police become the Joke Police.


When the Woke Police become the Joke police.
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Episode #146: The FBI and the NCAA, giving up on my "diet", a new verse to a song and more!


On this episode, I talk about the amazing weekend I had at Mohegan Sun, why the FBI being involved with the NCAA is ridiculous, loosening up my diet, thanking all of you, a new "Fairly Normal" playlist and a ton more!
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Ep #145: The shooting in Florida, Black Panther, Drunk or High, another lesson in comedy and more


On this episode, Josh discusses the tragic shooting in Florida and why people are fighting change, the controversy around the Black Panther movie, Drunk or High, another lesson learned in comedy and more!
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Episode #144: The episode that got erased for some reason.


This is the episode that I recorded in my hotel room in Liberty Center. One of the few times I talk about something controversial and it gets erased? I'm not a conspiracy guy buuuuuuuut....Ha! Check it out.
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Episode #144: Olympics, we live in the grey area, stand up comedy, a song request and more!


On this episode, Josh talks about how little he cares about the Winter Olympics events, the danger of seeing everything in black and white, the life lessons of stand up comedy, I play a song request from someone who came to my show last night and MORE!
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Ep #143: WHAT IS HAPPENING OUT THERE, don't touch the mouth hole, 100% never, The Patriots and more


On this episode, Josh talks about a school canceling their "Father/Daughter Dance", don't touch the mouth hole on my drink cup!, something he will 100% never do, some High Live notes, a new playlist and more!
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Episode #142: A quick clarification, who the fuck needs a peacock and more!


In this episode, Josh gives a quick clarification to something people have been asking about from Episode #141, WHO THE FUCK NEEDS A PEACOCK and more!
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Episode #141: The definition of "friends", Shape of Water, judging people, another pet peeve & more


Differentiating between friends and acquaintances, a quick review "Shape of Water", should we be judging people on tweets and sound bites?, joking about touchy subjects, bringing people together, another pet peeve and a whole lot more!
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