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Episode 20 - Finders Keepers, Losers E'erwhere

about 22 hours ago

Jon and Sarah discuss Dale Earnhardt Jr., sneaking demo tapes, Dangerous Minds, making out with Tanya Tucker, "Finders Keepers," a drunk-driving-car-dancing-scooter-chase, and guessing 80s-90s country songs.

Other Episodes

Episode 19 - Spoiler Alert: They're Not Real


Jon and Sarah go to the zoo, discover the truth about Santa, North Pole, Alaska, 'member Jim Neighbors R.I.P., Betty Boo reviews Wonder, David Reep retells the story of Cone Weed, and we tease a story about a leg...
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Episode 18 - The Legend Of Cone Weed


Jon & Sarah share their Thanksgivings, talk about time travel, they call Sarah's sister Joana to talk about what gifts are/aren't appropriate to give teachers for the holidays, hanging Christmas trees, and the wonder that is Cone Weed.
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Episode 17 - Stuffing With the Sara(h)s


Sarah is joined by longtime friend Sara Lehmann to talk about how they met, wine hiking, & sparkling water. We call Sarah's parents and talk about Train, Sara's new podcast 92.7 "The Pod," Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, peppermint schnapps, a turkey's "Green Mile," and Falcons spoilers. Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!
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Episode 16 - Bad Moms E'erwhere


Jon and Sarah cover their bet, hanging with Peter Billingsley, favorite movies, Betty Boo reviews "A Bad Moms Christmas," Tiffany's releases some e'eryday items, and a redneck straps her kid to the roof of her car.
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Episode 15 - Turkey Heads With Ranch


Jon and Sarah discuss trick or treating in LA, most embarrassing possessions, the Impractical Jokers Cruise, sneaking tequila, they call Sarah's cousin April to discuss Thanksgiving traditions, the ranch keg, and Christmas movies.
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Episode 14 - Live from Phoenix


The first live episode of Fried! Recorded as part of the All Things Comedy Comedy Festival in Phoenix, Arizona. Jon and Sarah tell ghost stories and wrestler Nick Nemeth aka Dolph Ziggler joins them on stage to discuss wrestling, concussions, Britney Spears, and Sarah calls her Nana to talk Oakland...
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Episode 13 - Halloween


Jon and Sarah talk about vandalism, flying on Halloween, Diamond status, the Impractical Jokers cruise, the ATC Festival, Falcons vs Panthers, Jon 'members James Best, and Jon talks to animals.
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Episode 12 - Country In Other Countries


Jon and Sarah discuss international travel, the 4th of July, fanny packs, Global Entry, Betty Boo reviews Baby Driver, there's some hometown news, and tossing jalapeños.
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Episode 11 - Chubs, Hose, and Ditches


Jon and Sarah talk about Playboy, Uncle Lenny's appliances, Halloween, they call Sarah's brother-in-law Tim to talk about firefighting, they read some hometown news, discuss B.O.B and flat-earthers, and read a Waffle House review.
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Episode 10 - Petty and the Jets


Jon and Sarah talk about Tom Petty, the Las Vegas shooting, how close Sarah was to the 1996 Olympics bombing, Jon miraculously survived a car crash, Sarah's dad talks football picks, and Jon calls comedian Jay Snyder to talk about getting thrown through wall!
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