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Episode 32 - The Young And The Rednecks

9 months ago

Jon and Sarah talk about braces, snacking on Ambient, tumor sniffing dogs, air horns, The Oscars, Betty Boo reviews 12 Strong, Sarah recommends Last Flag Flying, Okja, Jon recommends Game Night, Sarah recommends The Florida Project, and ketchup etiquette.

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Episode 31 - Sandy's Fish Fried


Jon and Sarah talk about the gym, seeing your parents drunk, skiing, Sarah's aunt Sandy calls to talk about home cooking, throwing up in a water bed, annoying neighbors, and a man drives an ATV in the nude. Happy Friedday!
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Episode 30 - Catching Up


Jon and Sarah discuss turning 40, cruise ship life, Thai Elvis, Hawaii, Anniversary/Valentines Day, Barry Switzer, R. Kelly, the NBA All Star Game, Fergie's National Anthem, motorized recliners, and big TVs.
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Episode 29 - Drunk Histories And Herstories


Jon and Sarah discuss the joys of self-promotion, their alcohols of choice, John Rich, crazy alcohol laws, blood alcohol levels, puking red, peeing the bed, "it happens," and bar room brawls
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Episode 28 - Health Nutz


Jon and Sarah talk about performing in Denver, getting a prostate exam, stool samples, war zone bathrooms, ears/noses/throats, orthodontia, breach birth, bunions, book narcolepsy, microwave eggs, and tater tots.
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Episode 27 - Adventures In Podcasting


Jon and Sarah talk about parasailing, bungee jumping, canyoning, falling out of a truck, Paba, breach birth, Betty Boo reviews The Commuter, a redneck tries to take a peacock onto a flight, and Jon's air pod debacle.
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Episode 26 - Carolina Reeper


Jon and Sarah talk about Lil' Kev & Reamus, Vince Vaughn, Dave Chappelle, Mo 'Nique, the NFL playoffs, movie screeners, we 'member Anthony Clark, Georgia Sue educates us on the expressions "Break a leg" and "hair of the dog," and a redneck bites a dog.
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Episode 25 - Nobody Doesn't Like Betty Reep


Jon and Sarah talk about working with Dennis Miller, relationship songs, Betty Boo calls in to review The Greatest Showman, David Reep tells us about his new job, and a New Yorker acts like a redneck in Thailand.
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Episode 24 - The Tony and Marty Show


Jon and Sarah talk about Georgia losing the BCS Championship game, the Carolina Panthers losing to the Saints, we call Sarah's dad Tony to talk about football, Jon's flooded garage, Tales From The Tour Bus, Clint Black, and Jon interviews his buddy Marty.
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Episode 23 - The Best Episode Of 2018


Jon and Sarah are reunited to discuss their holidays, the Rose Bowl, Jon visits Cone Weed, Sarah went to Vienna, escape rooms, Betty Boo reviews Downsizing, and Joseph Newman is a well-readneck.
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Episode 22 - Sarah Comes Home


Sarah is back home for this extra large episode of Fried. Sarah is joined by her friends Jennifer and Ryan to discuss sleeping over, fashion choices, expensive cars, tacos, and joyriding. Then Sarah and her mom, Georgia Sue, go shopping and reminisce. Finally Sarah, her parents, sister Joanna, and niece...
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