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Episode 45 - Dirty Condos

7 months ago

Jon and Sarah talk about bad head shots, gym selfies, bad condo roommate situations, Memorial Day attire, Spirit Airlines, what kind of nut is the best, Netflix Documentary series "Wild Wild Country" & "Evil Genius", and Roseanne Barr getting canceled.

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Episode 44 - MultiCasting


Jon and Sarah are multitasking. They record a podcast while going live on Facebook. They take questions from their facebook pages and talk about Yelp reviews, roasts, CB radios, South of the Boarder, Stone Mountain Georgia, and the one time Sarah’s mom thought she found a crack pipe.
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Episode 43 - Moving On


Jon and Sarah talk about moving, Maverick, heavy couches, Dollar Dodger dogs, Betty Boo reviews I Can Only Imagine, Game Pigeon, fear of what's down there, and pool follies.
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Episode 42 - Fried from Jon's House


In this episode Jon and Sarah get together at Jon’s house and talk about Sarah moving in with her boyfriend, noises you make when your alone, comedy contests, comedy roasts, and Jon’s old football coaches.
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Episode 41 - From Hickory


Jon is in Hickory, South Carolina with friends Alan Jackson (not that one) and John Wright at The Mesh Studios to talk about karate, they call Sarah back in Los Angeles to talk about moving and the VMAS, tailgating, the drunk tank, underwear, and serenading Betty Boo on her birthday.
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Episode 40 - Nick Brown


Jon and Sarah sit down with Nick Brown from the band Mona to talk about performing with John Rich, growing up Christian, the singers' bond, loving stand up, sports chants, raw emotions, and being grumpy.
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Episode 39 - John Rich


Jon and Sarah are joined by country music star John Rich of Big & Rich to talk about John's house, doing karaoke, calling Donald Trump, honoring Veterans, Betty Booze, guitars, courting controversy, and guns.
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Episode 38 - Live From Nashville with Thompson Square


Jon and Sarah are joined by country music duo Thompson Square in front of a live audience. They talk about how they met, pant suits, Kenny Chesney, hell gigs, and their new album “Masterpiece”.
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Episode 37 - Fried Duddies


It’s another Fried/Brinkin’ Duddies mashup. Kyle Davis joins Jon and Sarah and they talk baseball games, Sarah gets attacked by a humming bird in her apartment, sweet bread, Kyle’s desire to try standup comedy, and saying the N word during karaoke when it’s already part of the song...
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Episode 36 - Vegas Babies


Jon talks about doing a corporate gig in Vegas at 8 AM, Sarah talks about doing a gig with Daniel Tosh in Vegas, Betty Reep reviews Red Sparrow, and David Reep talks about the time he put rabbit poop on a neighbors door step.
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Wedding Chics


Jon and Sarah talk about weddings, wedding dances, Sarah becoming an ordained minister, doing the electric slide in Russia, when the MC forgets the headliners name, and Easter stories.
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