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Episode 60: Srya’Excuse Me?

2 months ago

In this episode of the Fried Pod, Jon is once again join by comedian and friend Brent Blakeney in Syracuse, NY. They talk about how Syracuse has a lot of fearless pedestrians, the paw wash, and Betty Reep is back again to answer your questions in “Ask Betty.” Go ahead and listen to this and tell a friend.

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Episode 59 - Brent Blakeney


In this episode of the Fried Pod, Jon is join by friend and comedian Brent Blakeney at the comedy condo in Charlotte, NC. They talk about how Virginia is one gigantic border state between the north and the south, sausage gravy, and how the editing of the Little Rascals is...
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Episode 58 - Danny Nieland


In this episode of the Fried Pod Jon introduces a new segment called “Ask Betty." Jon’s mom, Betty Reep, answers your questions from Instagram. Then we meet Danny Nieland, Jon's childhood friend from middle school. They relive some fond memories of Breakdancing, Karate class, fart spray, and the time they...
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Episode 57 - Betty Carolyn Pitts Reep


Jon is joined by his mom and they talk about her life growing up in Hickory as one of five kids in a house with one bathroom and no air conditioning, pickle flavored coconut cake, how to write short hand, hurricane Florence, and Sports Without Balls. Then Betty reads your...
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Episode 56 - Road Tripping with David Reep


Jon eulogizes Burt Reynolds then is joined by his dad, David Reep, to talk about first class travel, Mercury Mountaineer, brunching, no reservations, sandwich popsicles, truck driving, and Jon's reasons for moving.
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Episode 55 - Meet Dale Jones & Jodie White


In this episode Jon sits down with comedians Dale Jones & Jodi White in a comedy condo in Myrtle Beach. They talk about how they got their start in comedy, how they all know each other, Jon’s practical joke gone wrong on comedian James Sibley & how Dale’s home town...
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Episode 54 - Who Is Parley Baer?


In this episode of the Fried Pod Jon talks about his recent stint in Naples, FL at Off the Hook Comedy Club and how he made a new friend. And he talks about an actor named Parley Baer who played the mayor of Mayberry on the Andy Griffith Show and...
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Episode 53 - What's An Escrow? And Cats In The Cradle


In this episode Jon talks about his house being in escrow, Jon’s son Tucker coming to LA for the first time for a visit, Universal Studios, people who try to hand you CD’s in Venice Beach, and Jon’s dream home on a lake in Hickory, and Sarah going to Iceland...
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Fried Flashback: Episode 1 - Brad Paisley


In the 1st ever episode of Fried w/ Jon Reep & Sarah Tiana, Brad Paisley calls in to discuss their comedy special on Netflix which is still available!
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Episode 52 - Fried/Brinkin’ Duddies Sour Mash-Up


Kyle Davis joins Jon and Sarah in this mash-up of the Fried Pod & the Brinkin’ Duddies podcast. They talk about Sarah roasting on Comedy Central, Jon having to deal with a certain special audience member who came on stage in Temecula, CA, and Kyle choosing Karaoke songs that contain...
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Episode 51 - This Girl Is On Fire!


Jon and Sarah are back together again as they record a new episode of the Fried Pod at the World Famous Comedy Store. They talk about how crazy busy Sarah has been with the MTV Awards, The roast of Bruce Willis, a new roast battle, and the Steve Byrne movie...
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