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21: Kevin Kreider (Bling Empire)

about 1 year ago

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Nigel chats with Bling Empire’s Kevin Kreider about the upcoming season and Kevin’s incredible journey onto the show plus so much more.

0:00 - How Kevin joined Bling Empire and what it’s like to be on the show

8:00 - Kevin’s thoughts on season two of Bling Empire and Kevin speaks about being adopted.

19:51 - How life changes when you become visible in public eye and Kevin’s experience losing his hair to alopecia.

29:11 - Is Nigel too good looking to be a comic and would Kevin ever look to Only Fans as a career choice?

36:36 - Kevin’s new podcast and spending less time on the toilet without a phone

45:27 - TMI sex talk and the time Kevin dated a comedian

54:54 - Nigel growing up in Malaysia and Kevin chose to do this podcast instead of going to a 20 year high school reunion.

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