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44: Why Everybody Should Take Acting Lessons

9 months ago

Happy New Year viewers & listeners of the Haiyaa Podcast! Welcome to 2023 where Nigel’s American friend discovered the British supermarket meal deal, Producer Matt is gifted a very special wand (wingardium leviosa not levioSAR) and Nigel stumbles on a ridiculous way to try and be seen quicker by Doctors in the Emergency Room.

0:00 - Nigel presents Producer Matt with a belated Christmas present and Nigel had an American friend come to stay.

6:53 - British holidays compared with American vacations and Nigel questions why Producer Matt has chosen to do dry January (which was broken that evening when they went for dinner because Nigel bought the wine and Producer Matt knew he would regret not having a nice glass of red with their Spaghetti Carbonara)

13:25 - Nigel has started hypnotherapy! Producer Matt reveals the former gladiator he watches perform gong therapy on Instagram.

20:35 - Boston friend visited Nigel over the Christmas period and when they visited a spa there were some gender politics at play when deciding who should have the male and who should have the female massage artist. Nigel also reveals why massage parlours offering female happy endings would be a terrible business idea.

27:15 - Cost of living in America compared to the UK and his Boston friend discovers the fables British supermarket meal deal for £5 and Producer Matt ponders when did the UK become a third world country…

39:00 - Nigel had to go to a British hospital on a public holiday and it didn’t go to plan. He also discovered he’s one earache away from turning into a right wing shock jock.

49:40 - Instead of privatising the NHS Nigel has this wild theory so people get seen by doctors quicker…

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