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46: Nothing Controversial In This Episode At All...

10 months ago

Condolences to the victims and their families of the Monterey Park shooting. You can donate to a gofundme setup to help the families here:

0:00 - Talking about the tragedy in Monterey Park and why Brandon Tsay deserves a blue tick on social media.

12:35 - Happy lunar new year and why Nigel doesn’t like Scandinavia plus Producer Matt shows off his pyroclastic flow knowledge and takes umbrage with the viewers opinions on how long a dog can be left.

23:45 - Discussing Everything Everywhere All At Once Oscar Nominations, getting old Asian’s therapy and Nigel worries about some of his tendencies.

29:45 - Nigel and Producer Matt are going out for Lunar New Year and it’s Matt’s first experience of it! Matt worries about any traditions he may not be aware of while Nigel lambasts him for his over exuberance to “be a good asian”.

36:30 - How Nigel knows that Matt is “broke”, mirror chat and Matt questions why he isn’t allowed to wear his Doc Martens inside Nigel’s home.

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