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Crows Are Gnarly

about 1 year ago

Everyone knows eagles, falcons and hawks are tight. Everyone knows that parrots are smart. And if you've ever been outside in your life you know that crows are a nuisance. However, after one vivid dream and many years of being annoyed by crows in the valet lot at work Strider decided it was ripe time to find out more about these morbid pests of the sky. Maybe they aren't un-chill? maybe they're just chilling in their own way? What's the deal with dreams? Sources:, ‘How Crows Are The Smartest Birds In The World’ by Michelle Starr,,, ‘Facts About Crows’ by Alina Bradford, ‘Crows Symbolism & Meaning’ by Garth C. Clifford, See for privacy information.

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