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Dank Off: Natural Wonders Of The World

about 1 year ago

Where is the most legit natural place to post up and get immediate sustained stoke? Strider explores the 7 dankest naturally occurring places in the world and declares the best spot. What is your number 1? enter code DANK at checkout for 20% off your order Sources:, ‘17 Fascinating Facts About the Northern Lights’ by David Nikel,,,,,, See for privacy information.

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The Great Heathen Army


In the year 865 on the Isle of Britton dudes from the North cruised down and decided to post up for good. Casting myth aside... this is a tale of raids, revenge and assimilation. Alright, there is still a little myth. DADGRASS.COM/DANK for 20% your first order! Sources:
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Diego Maradona Godfather Of The Pitch


Was he greatest soccer player to ever live!? He was a Deity in Naples in the 80's. Perhaps he should be called, Godfather of the pitch, with his connection to the Mafia? enter code DANK at checkout for 20% off! for 10% during your first 3 months! Sources...
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Historical Accuracy: The Last Samurai


The Last Samurai is an incredibly dank film. It is a film that has sparked many conversations and inspired many man buns. While maintaining praise for how legit Samurais are and preserving the integrity of the film's themes, Strider turns a more critical eye toward how historically accurate the film...
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Dallas Cowboys Of The 90's With JT Parr


JT Parr joins to discuss Jeff Pearlman's dank book, Boys Will Be Boys. Strider and JT cut it up about the larger than life characters the offered by the rosters of the Cowboy teams of the 90's. Undo you chin strap and put your headphones on to hear tales of...
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Inventing The Telephone With Guests John Gemberling & Anthony Atamanuik


Okay it's true... Strider, and Tony & Johnny of the Phoney & Call-y Show didn't actually invent the first telephone, but neither did Alexander Graham Bell. The guys expose this truth along with much more personal ones as they explore early usage of the telephone. enter code: DANK at...
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Legendary Gunslingers


The American Southwest is home to many legends of larger than life characters and personalities. The era known as the Wild West, an age of, 'rugged individualism,' and hostility gave birth to names known across the world today. Many were famous in their own time, and seldom due to moralistic...
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Charles Lindbergh


Strider explores the idea of doing something gnarly when you're young to make a name for yourself as he takes a look at the controversial life of Charles Lindbergh. Also, what else was going on around the globe; not just across the Atlantic in 1927? use promo code DANK...
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The Moon


The Moon has bared witness to all of the historic events that have taken place here on Earth and would most likely offer now bias if able to recount. Man has placed metaphor, might and even malevolence on the moon. Strider takes a look at the natural history of Earth's...
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Blacks Beach


Strider takes a bit of a trip down memory lane as he recounts the history of Blacks Beach, and the post WWII surfing boom in California. Strider used to post up on the cliffs of La Jolla and watch surfers shred and old dudes drop dong. for 20% off...
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Monet v. Manet


For as long as Strider can remember he can not remember the distinctions between Claude Monet and Eduard Manet. Each artistic master heavily influenced the art world in his own unique way. This brief journey through their works explores how. Legit. use promo code DANK for 20% off your...
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