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Ep 195 Chicken Fried Steak with Nigel

over 3 years ago

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Ep 194 Whip That Thing Out with Chris Ryan


My guest is Chris Ryan From Check out his book "Sex at Dawn" and his podcast "Tangentially Speaking" Seriously do it!
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Ep 188 Internet Helper Sara Schaefer


Sara Schaefer has won 2 Emmy Awards and is a funny comedian.  Also a nice person. Check out her twitter and say something nice @saraschaefer1  Also subscribe to her website here:
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Ep 187 Multiple Yard Guys with Dr Chris Ryan


Dr Chris Ryan wrote a book called "Sex at Dawn" about non-monogamous sex amongst Hunter-Gatherers and Fighter Pilots among other groups. It's a life changer if you're in to having your life changed. Even if you like your life how it is it's a pretty interesting book. Books: they're cool...
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Ep 185 Bag-O-White Powder with Travis Clark.mp3


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