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Torture Couple/Carrie Underwood/Lance Qs

over 3 years ago


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Missed a week but Lance back with vengeance.  @Lcantstopolis
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Happy everything and shit. You get cool stuff? Well you do now after getting this podcast. It Lancemas miracle. @Lcantstopolis
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Mamba retire. Justin Timberlake doing Halftime. Detective shows. Parents, kno where ur kids are. Lance trying to eat.  @Lcantstopolis
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Ppl ask Lance questions via twitter and Lance reply. Also talking about other stuff before that. @Lcantstopolis
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My body sore from getting shredded. Have nothing to do with this podcast but u should kno @Lcantstopolis
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Special Lance Thanksgiving edition.  @Lcantstopolis
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So many topics covered. This episode dark I guess but life not a cake walk. Lance breakdown the good and the bad. Do not shy away from human condition. @Lcantstopolis
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So much ground being covered. Another shooting another dollar. Supermarket trials and tribulations. Lance figuring out so many life hacks. Calling them Lancehacks tho. Tell me if u have any.  @Lcantstopolis
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