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Serious Farts and Saying No

about 1 month ago

I laugh about my booger tray invention, how sometimes I stay serious as a fart pops out, and how i can't say "no" to peoples faces.

Other Episodes

Acapella Groups and Mom Stuff


I laugh at how much my Mom loves scary movies, my rage for acapella groups, and the voice I hear in my head while reading museum paragraphs.
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Sing-Talking and Reading Energy


Melissa laughs at the people that sing-talk their words, folks that can’t read energy, and getting turned on during Top Gun while sitting between parents.
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Dumb Apps and Tea Kettle


Melissa gets laughs and pissed in this episode about downloading apps, her parents tea kettle, and the new modern dumb basic looking homes in LA. See for privacy information.
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Mic Poop and Karaoke Songs


Melissa laughs about her dogs poop shape, how she isn’t getting a man cause of her karaoke choices, and how her brother made fun of her precious crystal. See for privacy information.
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Monkey Laugh and Cesar Joy


Melissa laughs about this monkey on the trailer of Netflix's "Animal', her recent thought on the toilet, and how happy she is for Cesar making it to air. See for privacy information.
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N64 Songs and Dodger News


Melissa laughs at the kid days. The made up songs she made for N64 songs, how her mom can be cocky, and the quiet Spanish chatter while trying to watch cartoons. See for privacy information.
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Bad Trip and Unknown


Melissa laughs at the bad trip she had this week, these spiritual instagram accounts and her acceptance of not being the brightest bitch on the block. Also, she shares honeybee facts. See for privacy information.
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Jolly and Touch Up's


Melissa laughs about the time she got a job at Disneyland, Golf N' Stuff, and the awful weird dream she had. See for privacy information.
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Dumb Song and Thas Sah!


Melissa laughs at maroon 5's song, the hilarious cholita saying "thas sah" at target, and how she realized her head shape is like her Dad's. See for privacy information.
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Block Shoes and One Dip


Melissa laughs about these block shoes, her booger some ants carried, and the dip in mattresses. See for privacy information.
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