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12 months ago

Jason is back with a fresh new start & talks more than just sports in his new Lawhead's Court weekly Podcast. Jason divulges the details on how his recent engagement & how it went down. He fairly criticizes woman play by play announcer Beth Mowins for what seems to be intrusion over inclusion. “On This Day” we remember the life of Johhny Cash & what I regret most about it. "My New Favorite Thing" is revealed & its part of my “Recipe of the week”. I talk Browns, Steelers & who I think the MVP of week 1 is, why & what team surprised me the most. “The best of LC” is a throwback segment and it brings in Bill Burr as he talks Patrice O’Neal, why he was & still is one of the greatest ever. Enjoy !

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Conference Finals' Game 1 reviews Game 2 previews


Lawhead's Court talks Cavs, Celtics game 1 & what Cavs have to do for a game 2 win & why. The Rockets are toast even with a game 2 win & the Celtics are a mini Warriors. Jason does a Marv Albert Hubie Brown play buy play impression and more. 
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Lawhead's Court - 2018 NBA Playoffs #2


In this Lawhead's Court Jason braves his jinx'd superstitions to review the early first round playoffs. Hammers Ty Lue & the Cavs approach to lineups & game plans. Gives his take on the Raptors & Wizards, the pending Golden State & Pelicans series & more. The Last OG is the...
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Lawhead's Court - 2018 NBA Playoffs


Lawhead's Court gets NBA playoff fever. Jason talks the early postseason outlook, Cavs & LeBron's chances. Why the Celtics are still a factor & if and Can the Sixers pull off the Cinderella story.  Tune in rate & review the show  
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Live from All Things Comedy Fest in Phoenix


Lawhead's Court goes live at the All Things Comedy Festival in Phoenix. Co-Foudner Bill Burr joins the podcast as Jason can barely contain his excitement as Ohio State beats Penn State at the time we went live. Local Phoenix comic & sports friend Adam Brewer sits in & Kevin Elliot...
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Lawhead's Court - Came and Wentz


Lawhead's Court promos its upcoming appearance at the All Things Comedy Podcast festival in Phoenix. I explain why Carson Wentz forced me to resort to rooting for players the Browns shoulda took. I talk how much better the Cavs 4 game start is then it probably seems. Ohio State, Penn...
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Lawhead's Court - In Tito We Trust


Lawhead's Court reviews Indians, Yankees Game 4, previews game 5 & whats in store.  Jason talks Browns & Buckeyes hopes, Heisman Hopeful & the lack of NFL "good" parity. On this day, & OJ, Rick Pitino and Dr. Phil 
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Lawhead's Court - Mr. October


Lawhead's Court is back after a year hiatus and is ready for some October baseball, football & basketball. Jason talks why October is also the best month of the year on the calendar. I talk upcoming MLB postseason, give World Series prediction. Dive into the NBA, Cavs, Warriors, whoever else...
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Ep. 112 - Adieu Process


LC reacts to all the things wrong in that Tulsa Police video Remember a fallen Ohio State Trooper & hometown son. I hit Kaaboo with my girl & see Aerosmith up close. NFL, MLB, & more. On this day Frampton goes free so he can come alive and I talk...
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Ep. 111 - September Morn


LC sings a little Neil Diamond while talking September on the diamond. Indians, Wild Cards & the loving the play in game. NFL preseason predictions, darkhorsers and upsets on week 1. Kapernick's right to be wronged, the National Anthem & how it is seen through publicity. We go "On this...
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Ep. 110 - Lochte It Up


LC goes over the Lochte scandal & sports' biggest lies. Women being the Medal bread winner for the US Olympic family. I talk Comedy Green Room 1st team'ers, my car getting parts stolen right off the street. On this Day is MLB's worst single game beatdown & I read fan...
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