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Episode 97 - Part 2 w/ Alexis Guerreros

over 4 years ago

An unprepared Jason sits down with friend and NYC comic Alexis Guerreros. We talk comedy, food and much more on Alexis' recent trip out to the West Coast.  Eat it up. 

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Episode 97 - Charlie Brown's


Lawhead's Court talks a little pro and college football, previews Browns Chargers and the Johnny Drama in Cleveland.  I give Sunday predictions for all games.  I give a recipe for Caprese Salad and talks Charles Shulz and Peanuts on this day in history & more.  
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Episode 96 - ITS SO DAMN HOT


Lawhead's Court hopes to have a better week 2 back than the NFL. Jason goes off on the recent heat wave in SoCal, talks a little college, pro football, the Browns and Johnny Manziel & why I think he should start week 3. I talk about Last Comic Standing, the...
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Episode 95 - Part 2 with Jim Florentine


Lawhead's Court has a special installment episode part 2 of Episode 95 with Jim Florentine.  Jason & Jim talk NFL preview from the green room at The Comedy Store in La Jolla.  They rant a rave about their teams & Roger Goodell. Jim gets disgusted at me over Peyton Manning and more.
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Episode 95 - The Return


Lawhead's Court returns, After firing myseld and re-hiring myself, the podcast is back. I sit down with old friend, Cleveland comic and now LA reisdent Ryan Dalton. We talk Browns football 7 more. So I hope you tune in & experience the podcast as I get back into the swing...
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Episode 94 - March Madness


Jason has taken to the All Things Comedy Studio and has expanded to live video podcasting streaming at and is excited about bringing back Lawhead's Court in more ways and we'll be planning live shows in the future! Stay tuned for more. 
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Ep93 - Francisco Ramos


Today, Jason sits down with comedian Francisco Ramos.
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Ep92 - Son of a Coach


Lawhead's Court welcomes the long awaited call from the podcast's namesake my dad the Coach, the Legend Jim Lawhead. Dad calls in from cold and snowy Lorain. We chat about his Stand-Up debut opening for me, High School basketball in Lorain yesteryear & today, the Super Bowl and much more.
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Ep91 - Scarlet and Great


Lawhead's Court celebrates an Ohio State national championship and remembers where I was in '03. I update LeBron, the NBA, college basketball, NFL playoffs and how crazy chicks on The Bachelor are hilarious.
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Ep90 - The Rose Bowl Tailgate Legend


Lawhead's Court gives a Rest in Power to the great Stuart Scott and how he lived. Jason talks Detroit and Dallas and instant replay game and The Lawhead Life cements himself as The Rose Bowl Tailgate Legend as he has a 2006 Vince Young type day at over the BBQ.
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Ep89 - There’s no place like Home


Lawhead’s Court calls out Johnny Football for a last time. Jason reflects on the ups and downs of 2014 with Rena Marie and concedes defeat to a girl. A 6th straight Rose Bowl is where I’ll be on New Years Day & I give my predictions for both semi-final games...
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