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East vs West

about 3 days ago

On this week's LC, I land in New York & Atlantic City and talk East Coast vs West Coast differecnes. I survive a 3rd world Greyhound bus ride and breakdown Eastern & Western Conference Finals and give my take on where I see it going from here.

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Dr. J's Flashback Friday


We look back on the greatness of Dr. J on his 69th birthday. I trelive the time I got to meet, greet and treat him for a night of comedy and cigars. I tell the tale & how my Dad, mom & sister also got to be a part of...
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Az-Tech support


I talk attending the SDSU upset over 24-1 Nevada & how Eric Musselman's coaching staff looks all too like a technology installation team. I ask weather its even worth the Lakers making the playoffs and how even getting to the 7th seed seems hopeless with 23 games left 7 the...
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How come no Newcombe ?


I follow up final thoughts on the Machado signing and honor the late great Don Newcombe and recognize him as the American Hero he was and the Hall OF Famer he should be.
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Manny Macha-Dough


I talk why I like the Machado signing & what it could do for the Padres. I talk an amazing birthday dinner & if how saying you're a foodie automatically makes you not one.
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Flashback Friday Spinks & Ali


Its a birthday bash weekend and Flashback Friday. I look back on the Leon Spinks upset of Muhammad Ali in 1978 & how its usually not often thought of when talking greatest sports upsets of all time & how after 7 career fights Spinks was a household name.
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Pitchers & catchers


Spring Training shopping season is in the air. I talk what excites me still about baseball and how I celebrate pitchers and catchers reporting and why I'll never to tune into October.
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Coach Fisher


I talk about a great night becoming friends of legendary coach Steve Fisher of Michigan fab 5 fame an recently retired from building a top tier college basketball program at San Diego St. I talk being his invited guest to sit court side and play a clip from when we...
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Gambling on the AAF


I talk why the AAF could experience success through legal sports gambling. I also talk I how I hate the name AAF & they how that needs to change.
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With many podcasts to get caught up on, the MakeUp Monday is the first of multiple released and a new hashtag term I invented. I also talk Kareem Hunt and not only Post Malone but Perimeter Malone, Power Forward Malone and more.
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Roundball Review


I talk top 5 college coaches to never win it & which ones are on top for a chance at their first title. NBA trade talks on what Lebron must be thinking after the midway point of year 1 in LA & more.
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