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The People's Park

over 3 years ago

Robin and Morgan drink a little too much at the Barnsdall Art Park wine tasting, with event co-chairs Claudia Glenn Barasch and Shelly Hirshon.

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Robin and Morgan sit in an art gallery at Wacko and try to pick out a birthday gift for Robin’s sister.
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Morgan and Robin give their dogs DNA tests and then they take their microphones out onto Hillhurst. It was really hot out, so the walk wasn’t very long and Robin got grumpy, but it was all made better by the lottery story at Hillhurst Liquors.
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Today, our dreams became a reality as we recorded from the wine bar inside the Gelson’s supermarket and spoke with Allison B. Cohen, editor and publisher of the Los Feliz Ledger.
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Morgan and Robin are thrilled to have Bill back to fix stuff in Robin’s house. And they are equally as thrilled to welcome acclaimed actor Adam Godley who is so eloquent in his description of how leaf blowers affect the neighborhood, that it almost sounds like Shakespeare.
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Morgan and Robin are rendered star struck as they sit down with Craig Cowie, owner of Baller Hardware.
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Morgan and Robin welcome you to their neighborhood. Special guests (and Los Feliz stalwarts) Bill Petty and Ron Baldwin give us a look at issues that affect the area from stop signs to missing hammocks. Also, Morgan shares some valid thoughts on the size of Robin’s television.
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Hi neighbor! In this teaser for Los Feliz: The Podcast, hosts Morgan Murphy and Robin Shorr give a preview of what it’s like living in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Los Feliz, including free mulch, missing cats, slow-moving pharmacy workers, and $15 bottomless mimosas.
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