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Where's 9?

about 1 year ago

In this episode, lawyer, activist and all around big brain Lindsay Carlson stops by to help us figure out the various propositions for the upcoming November 6th election. We also talk local ice cream, new sauces and a nice list of community activities.

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Art and The Art of Left Turns


Morgan and Kevin are joined by artist extraordinaire Kii Arens who has done a million cool things (and he designed original podcast logo!) They talk about left turns on Hillhurst, an increase in un-picked-up dog poop, art school vs. no art school, and more.
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Welcome back to Los Feliz the Podcast. In this “teaser” episode, you’ll meet (and maybe dislike!) new co-host, Kevin Christy. Morgan and her old pal Kevin explain the new direction of the podcast, which is basically the same direction as always but the great Robin Shore’s mic has been handed...
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Summer rewind! Morgan and Robin sit down with Aimee Mann, Michael Penn, and LA City Councilmember David Ryu to talk about hard hitting issues that range from the need for more bagel stores and shuttles to whether or not Mr. Ryu likes "Claws" on TNT.
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Kyra Sedgwick & Swing Left


Neighborhood neighbors Kyra Sedgwick and Michelle Finocchi of Swing Left stop by to talk about the importance of the midterms and All Time Cafe.  Thank you to Spitz for catering today’s episode!
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Congrats, Marshall Class of 2018!


Morgan and Robin sit down with a bunch of superstars from Marshall High.
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Morgan and Robin sit down with Paul Scheer and Samantha Hanks of the local neighborhood watch and Eli Marcus of Marshall High to discuss Cheech’s Pizza and the Royal Wedding.
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Shephard and Amanda Fairey


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What do Morgan and Robin have to do to get a Med Men franchise in Los Feliz? Note: We reached out to several local dispensaries in Los Feliz/Silverlake and didn’t get any responses, so don’t yell at us! We love you!
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