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The Full Release SNEAK PEAK

about 1 year ago

SNEAK PEAK of my new podcast launching tomorrow on iTunes! It's called THE FULL RELEASE and it's a call in hotline show that I'm doing with my girlfriend who is a legit Doctor of urology and sexual medicine. I truly LOVE LOVE LOVE this new podcast and I've compiled some nice moments from the first two episodes that go live tomorrow. But for now, they are only available to the loyal listeners of my own personal podcast. YOU!

Other Episodes

Ep 38 - THEO VON talking sobriety


Theo Von is a champion in every sense of the word and it was an honor to have him on the cast to talk sobriety and our deep and ridiculous friendship.
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This month marks 3 years of sobriety. My struggles with alcohol were real and are real still. I thought my life was lost. And I'm happy to say 3 years later that I was very much wrong. Clear eyes see best. Sober up.
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Ep 36 - State of the Union Listen Along


I make snarky comments while listening to The State of the Union Address. I also do a State of The Union of my podcast.
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Ep 35 - Ryan Stout and Nicole Aimee Schreiber


I'm joined by two great comics, Ryan Stout and Nicole Aimee Schreiber who has one too many names but is still pretty cool. We just talk about various news stories and insult each other and it's great fun for one and all except for for deaf people who will not...
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Ep 34 - Jake Weisman (Comedy Central's CORPORATE)


Jake is one of the creators and stars of Comedy Central's new series Corporate which is truly fantastic. He is also a depressive ridiculous hilarious person and this is one of my favorite episodes yet. His show premiers Wednesday the 17th on Comedy Central. 10pm. Listen then watch.
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Ep 33 - JAMIE KILSTEIN is Not Dead Yet


Jamie Kilstein became the darling of the progressive liberal scene and a star to hipsters everywhere. Then they all tried to bring him down. And they succeeded. But now he's back.
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Ep 32 - And so it Begins... 2018!


I ramble about the New Year, and go through some of the oddest traditions from around the world. And of course what would NYE be without talking about resolutions.
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My smart and hilarious girlfriend Dr. Ashley Winter joins the podcast to talk about health and surgery and answer some sex questions from my horny fans. She's a Urological Surgeon and a Sexual Medicine Specialist so she knows her stuff. She's also adorable and likes my penis.
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EP 30 - Moshe Kasher (Special Hanukkah Episode)


Moshe is simply one of the best comedians around. Star of his own Netflix special and of his own show on Comedy Central, "Problematic." Also lots of other mostly cable stuff. Also he's an EP on Comedy Central's, "Another Period." He's great. On this episode we talk about our old...
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Ep 29 - Brody Stevens and Steven Brody.


I talk with comedian and master of positive energy Brody Stevens about the moment he became himself and stopped being the Steven Brody that he used to be. Also we discuss animals we would have sex with.
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