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5 months ago

He was once voted the 2nd most talented person in America on NBC's "AMERICA'S GOT TALENT" and now he's on my dumb podcast. And he's not too thrilled about it. Comedian Taylor Williamson stops by and deadpans his way to hilarity on what is one hell of a feisty episode. RATE, REVIEW, SHARE!

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Conspiracy Theories, comedy, aliens, the CIA, this podcast episode covers it all! My guest is comedian and mad man Sam Tripoli from The Tin Foil Hat podcast and he rants and raves about some crazy thangs that might literally blow your mind. Jeffrey Epstien, Obama, Trump, The Queen of England...
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I'm trying this podcast for the 3rd time. Cause why not? I've still got shit to say right? So what shouldn't I say it? I am saying it. Fuck it. Listen up. the world's still here so I'm still fighting it. YOU CAN WATCH THIS ON YOUTUBE
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Ep 34 - Jake Weisman (Comedy Central's CORPORATE)


Jake is one of the creators and stars of Comedy Central's new series Corporate which is truly fantastic. He is also a depressive ridiculous hilarious person and this is one of my favorite episodes yet. His show premiers Wednesday the 17th on Comedy Central. 10pm. Listen then watch.
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Ep 33 - JAMIE KILSTEIN is Not Dead Yet


Jamie Kilstein became the darling of the progressive liberal scene and a star to hipsters everywhere. Then they all tried to bring him down. And they succeeded. But now he's back.
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