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MMPC 7- 17-17

over 3 years ago

Bill rambles about the lottery, video games and halitosis.

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TAMMP 7-13-17


Bill rambles about babies, nature videos and Johnny Paycheck.
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Bill rambles about Dr Phil, Hitler's House and his new drum kit.
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Bill rambles about new ball parks, cows and the cheating Colts.
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Bill rambles about patience, helicopter and being a booze bag.
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Bill rambles about the New York Breeze, big houses and and giving them the Sun.
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Bill rambles about photosynthesis police, the Big Papi roast and minding your p's and q's.
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TAMMP 6-22-17


Bill rambles about CNN/FOX, doing roasts and looking out your own head.
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MMPC 6-19-17


Bill rambles about being a mogul, hitting the showers and transitional habits.
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TAMMP 8-15-17


Bill rambles about Mayweather/Mcgregor, the first Quakers and metric modulation.
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Bill rambles about cab drivers, Canadian GP and salmon.
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