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TAMMP 4-12-18

10 months ago

Bill rambles about toupees, clean living and baseball fights.

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Bill rambles about Rough N Rowdy, Billy 'no Vice', and lunatic Sheela.
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Bill rambles about Dean Delray's bash, 80's rockers, and yoga.
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Bill rambles about the Shandling Documentary, 45's, and believing in ghosts.
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Bill rambles about being late to the party, MotoGP and Slayer.
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Bill rambles about instagram, stewardesses and F1.
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Bill rambles about blow, flat Earth and hair halos.
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Bill rambles about the Easter Bunny, bowling alleys and Takes From The Tour Bus.
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Bill rambles about the dentist, being back on Instagram and the news.
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Bill rambles about nuclear proliferation, two team cities and eating meat.
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Bill rambles about meaningful weddings, flying helicopters and equal pay t-shirts.
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