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TAMMP 5 - 2-19

over 2 years ago

Bill rambles about the age of humanity, Endgame, and wearing Birkenstocks.

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Bill rambles about vegans, reading, and angry teachers.
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Bill sits down with Les Claypool to talk about his new project, The Claypool Lennon Delerium.
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Bill rambles about F1, not wearing a shirt, and gets on his freckled soap box about taxes.
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Bill rambles about Direct TV, meditation, and the Beatles.
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Bill rambles about weed/booze, R Kelly, and punching plaster.
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MMPC 3-4-19


Bill rambles about the digging up the dead, taping a special and burping at the gym.
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Bill rambles about Liverpool, food, and Beatles history.
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MMP 2-25-19


Bill rambles about the legacy of Brody Stevens, the American dream, and taking it easy.
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Bill rambles about New York, faulty sneakers, and classic television.
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