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TAMMP 7 5-19

7 months ago

Bill rambles about American Wars, root beer floats, and the NBA Summer

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MMPC 7- 1-19


Bill rambles with Justin Long about 90's Pride Parades, acting, and classic television.
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TAMMP 6-27-19


Bill rambles about Broadway, side effects of a mustache, and comedy audiences.
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MMPC 6-24-19


Bill rambles about Cuban cigars, drums, and people that are “blunt.”
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TAMMPC 6-20-19


Bill rambles while finishing his raw almonds. He apologizes for eating during the first 5 mins.
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MMPC 6-17-19


Bill rambles about men dying young, being aggressive, and fun funerals.
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TAMMP 6-13-19


Bill rambles about Finals, sports commentators, and sad Drake.
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MMPC 6-10-19


Bill rambles about New York, pretending to care, and the U.S. economy.
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TAMMP 6-6-19


Bill rambles about the NHL, Staten Island, and the lovely Nia.
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MMPC 6-3-19


Bill rambles about playoff fans, downtime on a movie set, and Jeopardy James.
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TAMMP 5-30-19


Bill rambles with comedian Steve Byrne about the early days of comedy, getting into fights, and his new documentary.
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