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Ep168 - Oh Brother Where Art Thou - Vanessa Graddick

over 6 years ago

Comic/writer Vanessa Graddick joins Dwayne and TK to talk about the movie that taught us that all can be forgiven, if you have great hair, “Oh Brother Where Art Thou.

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Vanessa Graddick


Born and raised in St. Paul, Talented, driven and most importantly, funny, Stand Up Comedian, Vanessa Graddick has been taking comedy by storm. Though she has only been in the comedy game a short time, Vanessa has performed all over the country including Virginia, Washington DC, New York, Pennsylvania, and more. Based in California she is a regular at venues such as The Comedy Union, Icehouse Comedy Club and the World Famous Comedy Store. Vanessa won first place in the Uncle Clyde's Soup Or Bowl Comedy Finals at the Icehouse Comedy Club in Pasadena, CA. As the winner of this competition, Vanessa competed in the 2007 Boston Comedy Festival. Additionally she has performed in both the New York Underground Festival and the Bay Area Black Comedy Competition. With her introspective and thought provoking comedy, Vanessa Graddick is proving quickly to be a name to watch out for, as this up and coming comedienne is surely on her way.

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