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#27 A Whole New World w/ Jessica Lewis

about 1 year ago

I ran onto my friend Jessica Lewis at Maru Coffee in Los Feliz. I asked her what book she was reading and she said Gender Trouble," followed by a story about her very recent spiritual and sexual awakening. I stopped her mid story and said come on my podcast and tell me all about it. Not only is Jessica's story compelling, she exudes a cheerfulness, positivity and most importantly open mindedness that is seriously lacking in today's cultural and political landscape. This episode is along one, but worth it. It follows Jessica through her religious upbringing in the south and southwest US, years of home schooling, music school in Atlanta and the move to Los Angeles to pursue music all while struggling with questions about her sexual orientation that go against everything she has ben taught to believe her entire life. And don't worry, there is a very happy ending. Subscribe, rate and review Nick America on iTunes or listen wherever podcasts are found. Follow Jessica on Instagram: @jessicalewis.drums and let her know what you thought of the episode.

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NIck America #26 Jaime Wong Of Raggedy Threads


Jamie Wong, owner and curator of Raggedy Threads, a successful vintage clothing boutique with locations in Los Angeles and New York sits down to talk to me about growing up Chinese American in San Gabriel and Rancho Cucomonga. We discuss childhood, the teen years and how she first discovered a...
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Nick America #25 Mack Lindsay


Mack Lindsay joins me today to talk about his life growing up in Texas and how from the beginning he never ft in. Adolescent troubles led to some jail time and then a revelation that he needed to start doing comedy. Fast forward a coupe decades and now Mack starts...
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Nick America #24 Wendi Starling Pt. 2: Sugar Daddies


Part 2 is here! Wendi and I get into the new world she unexpectedly found herself in: sex work. And it's not the kind you're thinking of so take off those judgment caps (if that's a thing) and check this episode out with an open mind. Let Wendi know what...
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Nick America #23 Wendi Starling Pt. 1


Wendi Starling is a good friend and hands down one of the funniest people I know. We make each other laugh so much and this episode is full of ridiculous tangents that spin off of very serious topics. Our comedic chemistry is so in tune we can talk about really...
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Nick America #22 I'm On Vacation


Solo episode recorded in New York City where I'll be performing from August 2nd - 19th. Come see a show, and if you haven't subscribed to this show, please do so now and share it on your socials. Spread. The. Word.
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Nick America #21 Jade Catta-Preta


Jade Catta-Preta is a talented comedian/actress who is originally form Brazil. Jade immigrated to America as a kid and lived in one of the Carolinas or Virginia I forget which one but she doesn't it's in the episode. Like most artists, Jade is on a journey of discovery. This year...
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Nick America #20 Live from The All Things Comedy Festival w/ @arishaffir and @theteeb


Live from the 1st annual All Things Comedy festival in Phoenix, AZ. I sit down with Ari Shaffir and Jayson Thibault and talk about the festival and childhood stories and much more. Follow Ari: @arishaffir and Jayson: @theteeb and listen to Skeptic Tank and Punch Drunk Sports also on The...
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Nick America #19: Political Artists, Lazy Protesting, New National, Grizzly Bear Albums + more


I talk about how annoying it is when celebrities appear on CNN to solve the world’s problems and how much more annoying it is when people tell artists to stick to their job. Maybe there’s a time and place is for all of that and maybe you're a lazy protester...
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Nick America #18: Never Forget, Wear White, You're Not An Expert


I talk about the 16th anniversary of 9/11 and things I remember from 2001, how you should wear all the white after Labor Day you want, checking off items on your hard to find list, how insane it drives me when people mistake their feelings for knowledge and more. Subscribe...
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Nick America #17: No Rules Left, Get Your Own Life and the new T-Swift, QOTSA & War On Drugs


I talk about how the Mayweather/McGregor fight was an important reminder there are still rules in a world that feels like it doesn't have any left. I wonder if Taylor Swift can pull off a reinvention and we listen to some the new Queens of the Stone Age and War...
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