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#182 A Very Special Occasionally Awesome with Very Special Guest Jayson Thibault

over 3 years ago

A very special Occasionally Awesome with a special announcement about the show near the one hour mark. We hope you enjoy this episode with our dynasty guest Jayson Thibault. Get his album 'Return to the Red State' January 6th on All Things Records, iTunes and wherever music and comedy can be streamed. Kevin and Nick would like to thank everyone for listening, sending thoughtful emails about the episodes and any and everything else that reminded us to keep doing this podcast week after week, coming out to live standup shows and saying hi and always, always, always being awesome. You guys are the best.

Other Episodes

#181 Holiday Gift Guide 2016


Nick and Kevin compile gift ideas for the 2016 holiday season. Discussed are everything from gift certificates to watches, records, kitchen gadgets, museum memberships, writing supplies and so much more. Happy holidays!
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#180 Swift Current With Joshua Rofé


Joshua Rofé, director and producer is back n the show to promote and discuss Swift Current, his latest documentary that follows the life of NHL star Sheldon Kennedy who was sexually abused by his hockey coach as a teenager in Canada. The documentary chronicles Sheldon’s childhood through his post-NHL life...
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#179 Post Election Therapy w/ @TheSarahNovia


Sarah Novia returns on the one year anniversary of her first time on the show and she talks post election blues, confusion, fear and anger over the results. Everyone goes through their thoughts on what happened and what's to come and Sarah gives some professional advice on how we can...
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#178 Fake Episode


Nick and Kevin discuss the rise in fake news that is inundating Facebook and other parts of the internet. They go through which stories have tricked them and where they get their actual real news.
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#177 Playlist Challenge Vol.4 (Part 2) w/ @ThisDavidTaylor


Part two of the playlist challenge where Nick, Kevin match songs to themes provided by their guest, the talented comedian and writer David Taylor. Follow David on Twitter at @thisdavidtaylor and subscribe to his podcast, Until I Lose Interest' on iTunes today.
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#176 Playlist Challenge Vol. 4 (part 1) w/ @ThisDavidTaylor


Vol. 4 of the music playlist challenge, this time with the always funny and interesting, David Taylor. The episode stars with a sports related sidetrack abut then gets on track. The guys didn't have time to get into the second list so look forward to a part 2 next week...
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#175 Best Burger In LA Taste Test w/ @MissLeslieG


After an intense taste test episode where Nick, Leslie and Kevin decided on the best mint chocolate chip ice cream (episode #119), Leslie comes back to help pick the best burger in Los Angeles. Debates were started, insults were traded and burgers were tasted. Will the winner be In N...
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#174 Meltdown Menu Vol. 2 Nick And Kevin


Nick and Kevin pick their ideal food items in from appetizers to desserts during a complete emotional meltdown.
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#173 Kevin Teaches Us To Draw


Kevin teaches Nick how to draw a face. The episode is set up as an instructional for all the listeners to follow along and learn as well. Enjoy!
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#172 Nick And Kevin Recommend Stuff Vol. 6


Vol. 6 of Nick and Kevin recommending some of their favorite new or old things.
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