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Quarantined: Week 2

about 6 days ago

Steve, Brenton, Lucas, and Emma hop online to catch up on NFL, golf, and all things crazy (we forgot to hit record too #sloppypod)

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The New Normal


Steve, Brenton, Lucas and Emma all join in to catch up on life, football, betting and more.
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Corona and Football


Steve, Brenton and Lucas catch up on NFL happenings and Corona
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Brenton has Coronavirus?


Steve, Brenton, and Lucas talk about Coronavirus, The Bachelor finale, what else will be canceled, and Tom Brady's future.
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Baseball, Basketball, Combine


Steve, Brenton, and Lucas catch up on baseball, basketball and discuss the 2020 NFL Combine.
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Steve Is Scared of Ferris Wheels


Steve, Brenton and Lucas talk spring training progress, golf and why Steve cried at Disney.
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We Have a Lot to Talk About


Steve, Brenton, and Lucas catch up on The Bachelor, The Astros, Basketball and more
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Oscar Results and Presents


Steve, Brenton and Lucas reveal (maybe?) the success of their Oscar picks and Brenton gives Steve a present.
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It's Oscar Time


Steve, Brenton, and Lucas recap the Super Bowl, The Bachelor, and make some bets on The Oscars.
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R.I.P. Kobe


Steve, Brenton, and Lucas memorialize Kobe Bryant, go over the SuperBowl prop bets, and talk about Steve's new batting cage.
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Bachelor and Heartbreak


Steve, Brenton and Lucas talk about the first week of The Bachelor, make some Super Bowl predictions and the guys get a phone call that breaks Steve's heart.
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