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A Week for the Bs

over 3 years ago

We talk about the Buccs and The Bachelor with a friend of the pod, Eric Oligny. See for privacy information.

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Time for the Super Bowl!


It's on all of our minds, the number one question; what color Gatorade will be dumped on the winner of Sunday's big game. See for privacy information.
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What a Week!


Baseball, basketball, The Super Bowl, our Instagram account, we've got a lot to cover. See for privacy information.
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What a Wild Time


It's inauguration day so we're gonna talk about football and The Bachelor See for privacy information.
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There's a lot going on


Steve is furious at the bachelor, sad about the loss of a good friend, and riled up about football.
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Capitol, Bachelor, Football


The Bachelor is off to a wild start and Steve stormed the Capitol while we failed to win Lucas money.
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We're on a Heater


We won money for the second week in a row, and we do our Bachelor draft.
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Touching My Elf


Emma had to take the week off, Steve is touching his elf, and we're still trying to win Lucas some money.
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Micky Made It, We Lost


Micky made the long journey to the east coast, but we didn't make any money.
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It's Steve vs. Brenton


Steve and Brenton made their own picks this week and Lucas gets all the money.
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George Clooney is a Fox


We're trying to get some money and George Clooney's attention.
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