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Should I Get Buster Neutered or Not? | Random Rants #172 with Pauly Shore

about 11 days ago

Yooo brozzzz today we're discussing chopping Busters balls off, Dana Carvey, and Ear Diseases. It's the latest random rants broooo Watch on YouTu See for privacy information.

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RIP Charlie Watts | Pauly Shore's Random Rants #171


Yo brozz, I'm ranting from Las Vegas with Buster. Thank you for all your messages on social media. Get to work tweeting and messaging the studios, brozz. Tell them you want crusty sequels. Plus, I'm talking about vaccines, Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones passing away, and Joe Biden pulling...
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Sitting On Axl's Lap | Pauly Shore's Random Rants #170


Yo brozz, I'm ranting from Las Vegas about twins, celebrity endorsements, pets, vaccines and Afghanistan. Who wants to be my plus one to see the Rolling Stones, doodzzz? Watch on YouTube: See for privacy information.
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Waco Wave Pool | Pauly Shore's Random Rants #169


I think I should take over Brittney Spears conservatorship. Because if I can run my life, I can certainly run Brittney’s life. Don’t you think guys? Who better to make all her financial decisions than Pauly Shore? If I could do it for me, I can certainly do it for...
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Ultimate Gay Cage Fighter | Pauly Shore's Random Rants #168


Yo brozz! I'm all by myself, ranting about my potty mouth, small town Las Vegas, canker sores, UFC and wave pools. Plus, Stephen Baldwin wants to do Bio-Dome 2. Tell MGM / Amazon you want to see the sequel, doodzzzz! Come see me in Texas!! See for privacy...
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Brazilian Butts | Pauly Shore's Random Rants


Yo brozz, I'm ranting by myself from Las Vegas. I'm talking about hot seatbelts, Brazilian butts, night baths and cigarettes. I'm going the see Dave Chapelle and Joe Rogan at MGM tonight. Plus, Trump is coming to the McGregor fight. See me and Sandy Danto at Delirious Comedy Club this...
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Buster Is My Baby | Pauly Shore's Random Rants #166


Yo brozz, it's time for another Random Rants. No producer, no dj, no sidekick, no squad. I'm talking about my trip to LA, my dog Buster, getting a job as a wax figure, and tipping the bathroom man. Do you guys like my haircut, doodzz? Watch on YouTube: See...
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Swinger Parties | Pauly Shore's Random Rants #165


Yo brozz, I'm ranting from Las Vegas. No producer, no dj, no sidekick, no squad. Just me, you and my feelings! If you can't get laid in Vegas, become an air conditioner repairman. Plus, overdosing on carbs, swinger parties, the prison vibe at my gym, my baby Buster and commemorating...
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Piss Medication | Pauly Shore's Random Rants #164


Yo brozz, I'm ranting from my hotel room in Naples, Florida about breakfast, Donald Trump's Netflix special, America's love of serial killer documentaries, piss medications, basketball, and saving it for a rainy day. Watch Random Rants on YouTube: See for privacy information.
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Four Eyes | Pauly Shore's Random Rants #163


I'm ranting from Vegas about burritos, wearing glasses, getting Donald Trump a Netflix special, the NBA and my new band, Pauly Shore and the Crustys! Plus, Buster is back (big thanks to Off The Leash)! Watch Random Rants on YouTube: See for privacy information...
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Im Back! | Pauly Shores Random Rants #162


Episode 162. Yo brozz, Random Rants is back old school style. I'm ranting about sexy Chayce Beckham on American Idol and moving to Las Vegas. Did you know there's a Whole Foods here? Plus, shout out to The Comedy Store and the comedy greats who have passed away recently (Paul...
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