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Episode 070 - "Sin City Psycho"

over 4 years ago

What's up, doods! Hanging out in Albany, New York letting you guys know about the structure of my one-man show and staying super positive. Also, I’m excited for my short Sin City Psycho!

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Episode 069 - "I'm Feeling Better"


Hey, guys. Thanks for all your awesome emails. I’m definitely feeling better and wanted to update you on what was going on with me. I'm definitely at peace. Take a listen!
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Episode 068 - "My Sister Passed Away"


Recently had more drama in my life. My sister Sandi Shore passed away and I’ve hit bottom. I feel as though I need to have a baby and start a family. Thank you to all of my fans. This podcast is to you.
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Episode 067 - "Life Is Good and New Sketch Ideas Are Comin'"


Yo! Just here talking to you guys, enjoying life, and talking about how I come up with my sketch ideas. Good vibezzzz, broooo!
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Episode 066 - "Comedians, the Comedy World, and My Life Currently"


What's up, guys. I'm lying down and talking about my thoughts on the comedy world and just life in general.
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Episode 065 - "Labor Day, Malibu, and Current Projects"


Happy Labor Day, doooooodz! Today I'm talking about my last vacation in Malibu and what I'm currently working on. Stay tuned for more!
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Episode 064 - "Insomnia. Can't Sleep and It's The Middle of the Morning"


You know how sometimes you can't sleep, so you gotta speak to someone? That's me right now. Talking about family, how wild Trump and his cronies are, and I'm FINALLY on top of my social media platforms!
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Episode 063 - "Letting It All Hang Out on a Friday Night"


Yo, broooz! Talking about drinking, our weird infatuation with serial killers, and being satisfied in my apartment.
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Episode 062 - "Just Another Friday Night, Letting It All Hang Out"


Hung out with some friends and felt like doing some rants. Tonight I'm talking about my new projects coming up and the future of PAULY SHORE!
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Episode 061 - "My Voyage Overseas to Israel and Moscow"


I recently went overseas for some spiritual awakening. Visited the Western Wall, wore my yarmulke, and went off to hang out with Vladimir Putin in Moscow where I drank vodka and hung out with the sexy Russian babes.
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Episode 060 - "Hanging Out in Pacific Beach"


It’s Fourth of July with the Wiez, doodz! I'm hanging out at Pacific Beach in San Diego and doing the rants from the condo. Today was a good day! Feeling good and starting to let go.
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